How To Speak

Your success in your life will be largely determined by your ability to speak, your ability to write, and the quality of your ideas in that order. – Patrick Winston

The quality of your communication is determined by its matter of how much knowledge you have, how much you practice with that knowledge, and your inherent talent.

How to start a Presentation

The First thing is how to start, Some people think that the best way to start is with a joke but it is not recommended because at the beginning of the talk people just start to get used to the environment or you as a speaker.

Instead, you start with an empowering promise, you will tell people what they are doing to know at the end of the hour that did not know at the beginning of the hour.

It is the empowerment promise and it is the reason to be being here.

Four Sample Heuristics To Keep in Mind While Giving Presentation

#1 Cycling

The next good idea to keep in mind is to cycle around the subject. Go around it again and go around it again.

Some will say tell him again, and then tell him and the third time as if people were not intelligent. The reason is at any given moment about 20% of your listeners will be fogged out no matter what the lecture is.

so if you want to ensure that the probability that everybody gets it is high, you need to say it three times.

So cycling is one of the Heuristic To Keep in Mind.

#2 – Build a Fence around it

When explaining an idea build a fence around it so it is not confused with somebody else’s idea

Example: My Idea might look similar to Johns’s idea except his idea is about his country and my idea is about my country that is like a building fence around it so people will not be confused with something else.

#3 – Verbal punctuation

And the idea here is that because people will occasionally fog out and need to get back on the bus, you need to provide some landmark places where you are announcing that it’s a good time to get back on.

Give them the outline of the speech so they will know what is happening in each stage.

#4 – Ask Questions

Ask questions to engage with the listeners.

Ask a question and wait at least 7 seconds for them to answer.

Choose the questions carefully. It can not be too obvious because the audience will be embarrassed to say it, but the answers can’t be too hard because then nobody will have anything to say.

Time And Place To Give A Presentation

Make sure the place is well lit. The problem with humans is when lights go down it signals that we should go to sleep.

But If you do not have to worry about this when giving an online presentation or a Webinar.

The place should be cased to make sure no distractions.

Finally, it should be reasonably populated.

When it comes to Time, Pick the time when your audience will be more active.

The Tools

Make sure you have very good graphic quality in your presentations.

Make sure the images or fonts you use are of good quality.

Make sure you use your hands properly. Do not keep them in your pockets or keep them behind. Just keep them in front of you or point them at something like a board or presentation.

Use Props if you can to demonstrate the subject to make it more memorable to your audience. Expose your ideas, do not teach them.

When creating an online presentation with slides:

Do not use too many slides in the presentation.

Do not use too many words in slides because the audience gets confused as to whether to read the slides or listen to the speaker.

Do not just read the presentation, explain the slides.

Keep images simple in the presentation.

Eliminate the clutter in the slides.

Use reasonable font size. Do not use a too big one or a too-small one.

Do not use the laser pointers too much because it will distract people or do not use them at all.

Do not keep your hands in your pocket.

Do not bore people with too much information.

Informing: Promise, Inspiration, How To Think

Like I explained before, Start your presentation with promise instead of a Joke

Show your listeners your stuff is cool and interesting.

Inspire people in your talk by showing your passion for the subject you are talking about.

Teach people to think.

We are storytelling creatures so if you want to teach people how to think, you provide them with the stories that they want to know, the questions they need to ask about those stories, and mechanism for analyzing those stories, way to put stories together, ways to know how to evaluate a story.

These are what you need to do when you are teaching people how to think.


If you have not told people you have achieved something in 5 mins, you have already lost persuading your audience.

Show your vision to your audience.

Vision consists of two parts. A problem somebody cares about and something new in your approach to achieve the vision.

And explain the list of steps that need to be taken in order to solve the problem.

And explain the contribution you have done the process.

Getting Famous:

You can get used to being famous but you can not get used to being ignored.

Here is a way to think about it. Your ideas are like your children and you don’t want them to go into the world in rags so what you want to do is to be sure that you have these techniques, mechanisms, these thoughts about how to present ideas that you have so that they are recognized that the value that is in them.

so that is why it is a legitimate thing to concern yourself with packaging.

So if you want your presentation ideas to be remembered, one of the things you need to do to make sure that you have some kind of symbol associated with your work.

Next, you need some kind of slogan, a kind of phrase that provides a handle on the work.

Next, you need a surprise, you do not need a million examples to learn something. you can do it with one example if you are smart enough to make use of that example appropriately.

Next Have an idea that sticks out. Sometimes people use a lot of ideas, the audience gets confused as to which ideas to focus on.

And you finally you need to tell a story of how you did it, how it works, why it’s important.

Use these 5 elements to make your work recognized.

How to Stop:

Don’t put collaborators at the end, do that at the beginning. Because collaborators slide is an important way to build trust. It shows your appreciation for the people who you worked with.

Question’s the worst way to end a talk because it squanders real estate. It squanders the opportunity to tell people who you are because sometimes it takes a lot of time to answer people’s questions.

It’s good to end with a Contribution slide – to sum up everything you’ve told with your OWN decision.

At the very end, you could tell a joke since people then will leave the event feeling fun and thus keep a good memory of your talk.

“Thank you (for listening)” isn’t a good ending, it’s trite at least.

You can end with a quote of a prominent person, with a salute to people (how much you valued the time being here, the people over here…, “I’d like to get back, it was fun!”).

If you can follow all these steps properly, You can give a persuasive presentation and ensure your ideas are recognized, and change people’s hearts and minds.

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