Complete Copywriting Tutorial – Examples, Tips, and Formulas

Here is the truth. You do not need years of experience or training to learn copywriting.

There is a lot of information available online on copywriting but in this article, I will explain some of the basic principles that you can use to write persuasive content. That can be Emails, Sales Letters, Ads, Landing pages, etc.

Copywriting is very easy when you know what to do and how to do it.

Use Reddit:

Reddit is copywriting goldmine. To use it head out to the subreddit where your customer hangs out.

Then look at the subreddit that has a lot of comments.

For example, you launched a weight loss offer. Then head out to weight loss subreddits and search weight loss in the search bar then pay attention to the exact words and phrases that people use to describe what they like and do not like about the offers they tried so far.

Use Short Sentences

Here is the good rule of thumb that applies to pretty much everything that you write.

Short sentences = Better copy.

A study conducted by the American press institute found that short sentences were 711% easier to read and understand.

This is why always atomize sentences to be as short as possible.

The Slippery Slide

You can have the best copy in the world, but if people stop reading the page after the first sentence your copy did not work.

One of the main goals of your copy is to keep people reading.

The Slippery Slide is something you add to your copy that makes people read your copy till the end.

For Example, You can tell a story at the beginning of your sales letter, but then leave the ending for the end. Or you can refer to something that is coming up later in your blog post.

Super Specific Headlines

You probably have seen this statistic before.

80% of people read the headling, and only 20% read the copy

Your headline is super important. To make the headline attractive, Use super-specific headlines. They are headlines that tell your reader exactly what they are gonna get.

Example: “Save 2 hours per day with these 7 productivity hacks”

Use FOMO(Fear of missing out)

FOMO can make your copy 10 times more effective but it does not work for every situation.

If you can use FOMO, you should use FOMO that is because it triggers a strong reaction with your prospects and emotion that makes them wanna listen closely to what you have to say.

For Example, You can mention this on your sales page “Enrollment for the course closes Thursday, May 9th, at 11:59 PM Pacific”. This creates FOMO in your prospect’s mind and increases the chance they will buy the product right away.

Write Strong Leads

Everyone and their mom know the headlines are important, but no one talks about something that in my experience, is just important if not more than your headline, your lead.

Your lead is the section of the page that comes right after your headline, and at least in my experience if you lose people here you have lost them for good.

These are the 3 techniques you can use to write awesome leads

#1 Use a hook in your first or in the second sentence

The first sentence of your lead is huge so make sure that the first line really grabs your reader’s attention.

#2 Make your lead 6-8 sentences max

Whether you are writing a blog post, video script, sales letter, you want your lead to be short.

Remember, the goal of your lead is just to grab your reader’s attention.

Once you have done that you wanna transition into the main section of your content.

#3 Use Mini stories in your leads

Stories great way to hook your readers right off the bat. It is a great way to connect with your audience.

Don’t Use Big Words

Big Words do not impress anybody. Instead of using big words use words that are easy to read and understand.

Example: utilize -> use, overwrought -> excited, fascinating -> interesting

AIDA Formula:

AIDA is a classic copywriting formula that can help boost conversions on sales pages, landing pages, articles, newsletters, videos, and more.

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

See an example below.

Benefits Over Features:

When it comes to copy, benefits crush features.

In other words, features are nice but benefits sell.

Let’s say you run a SAAS company that sells productivity software

How is how to turn features into benefits

Simple to-do listsGet more done every day
Easily plan your workdayHit your goals without stress
Prioritize important tasksFocus on what matters most
Simple SetupStart saving time today
Cancel AnytimeNo Commitement
Multi-User supportGet more from your team
Status updatesStay on Track

Get Out Of The Friend Zone

The friend zone is when you like someone and they like you back, as a friend.

As it turns out the same thing happens with potential customers and clients.

They like what you are selling but not enough to buy.

What is the solution – Address their objections.

Objections like:

It is too expensive, not a good time for me, will this work for me? , I am not ready to switch from another product.

Most people pretend that these objections do not exist. Instead, you want to bring these objections and squash every one of them.

Talk to Customers

If you want to know more about customers other than reading about them on Reddit. you should actually start talking to customers.

Talk to them directly over the phone or on skype and ask them various questions to know more about how you can help them.

Urgency and Scarcity

Have you ever had someone tell you that they are interested in what you are selling they just need some time to think it over?

99% of the time that person does not end up buying.

Maybe they got busy and forgot, maybe they found another product. The reason does not matter.

So important thing is to get that person to convert right away.

do this by adding these phrases to your copy

“Limited time offer, quantities limited, only 47 left, sale ends on August 31st, Do not miss out”

these statements should be backed up with real limitations, otherwise, you are gonna lose people’s trust.

Solve The Social Proof Paradox

You need social proof to sell but you need sales to get social proof.

We call this The Social Proof Paradox and it is real problem for lots of business owners.

To solve this problem, feature your strongest form of social proof and it does not have to be sales.

For example Lets you launch a coaching program to get leads, you offer people a free 7-day meal plan and if they wanna upgrade to a paid coaching plan, they get a full 90-day meal plan and personalized support from you. but so far few people have upgraded to your paid plan. Well, in that case, you can showcase how many people signed up for your free meal plan or maybe only have 20 customers but 3 of those customers go amazing results well you can feature those 3 amazing results on your home page.

Use 3 Step Testimonial Formula

It is no secret that testimonials can skyrocket sales. But most people use testimonials that simply do not work.

You can use this proven formula to make it work. The formula is broken down into 3 parts.

3 parts are built on one another to create a super-powerful testimonial.

First, Before – customers talk about where they were before they used your product or service. that way people can relate to the person in your testimonial.

Next, After – The After highlights specific results that your customer got from your product.

Finally, what they would tell someone section – as the name suggests here is what your customer would tell someone on the fence and recommendation comes directly comes from the customer who used the product, it is very believable.

Use this 3 step formula when creating a testimonial next time, It will not fail you.

That is it. These are the principles you need to write high converting copy.

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